Real Opportunity for Americans

David O is running for Congress to give everyone a fair chance to succeed. But right now, our economy is rigged against too many families. David O will fight to expand opportunity for all Americans. He’ll work to make sure that workers have good-paying jobs, children receive a first-class education, and everyone has access to affordable health care.

Good Jobs with Good Pay

As your representative in Washington, David O will fight to

  •  Close the tax loopholes that lead corporations to shelter their profits overseas rather than investing their profits at home to create good new jobs.
  • Increase the minimum wage and expand the “earned income tax credit” so every working family can earn a decent income
  • Ensure women receive equal pay for doing the same work as men.
  • Give high school graduates better opportunities to continue their education. Students should be able to attend college without incurring major debt. They also should be able to obtain training in skilled trades such as carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing.

First-Class K-12 Education

A strong education provides the foundation for a successful life. We must ensure that all of our children can build the foundation they need. Families deserve

  • Pre-kindergarten classes for all children.
  • First-rate teachers in every classroom.
  • The resources needed to help our kids thrive in a new and changing economic environment.

Health Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act has done much to improve access to health care for millions of Americans—especially those with low incomes or who have heart disease, cancer or other “preexisting conditions.”

But there still is more to be done.  As a doctor, David O knows that just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you can afford to pay for medical care. Premiums, co-payments, and deductibles are still too high. We need to

  • Eliminate unnecessary care
  • Stand up to insurance companies and prescription drug companies
  • Invest more of our health care dollars in the prevention of disease

For more information on David O's ideas, see his campaign updates in the News section of this website