Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

The recount has been underway for two weeks now, and we have been steadily chipping away at our ballot shortfall. With 9 counties behind us, we expect two more weeks of counting in the remaining 10 counties, which accounted for more than 60 percent of the total vote.
To this point, we’re finding errors at a sufficient rate to ultimately turn the race around, and we’ll have a better sense of things next week. We resume counting on Monday in Evansville (Vanderburgh County), which had 23 percent of the overall vote in the primary.
We’re grateful for the many hours of hard work by our awesome recount volunteers and by the dedicated auditors from the Indiana State Board of Accounts who are conducting the recount.
And thank you so much for your support and patience too.  We’ll continue to keep you posted as the process unfolds.

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

This past Thursday, we began the recount in Brazil (Clay County), and we continued our work on Friday in Newport (Vermillion County). In the two counties, which include about seven percent of the vote district-wide, our opponent lost one ballot but gained another. So no change in the overall count yet.
But we believe the tally will ultimately narrow by several votes in the two counties. We identified a number of ballots that we think were misidentified, and we will make our case before the recount commission at the recount hearing. The hearing will be held once all of the counting is completed.

The recount resumes tomorrow morning in Terre Haute (Vigo County)

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress


On Thursday, we conducted the pre-recount inspection with our opponent, the Recount Director, and state vote counters. In three counties, we collected information about the various voting systems, as well as the methods county election officials use to tally the different kinds of ballots.
The inspection proved quite helpful. The state recounting officials have some new ideas about how to prepare for the recount—ideas that will streamline the process and save time during the counting. 
We’ll probably receive the first part of the recount schedule tomorrow, and we expect the recount to begin on Thursday, July 14.
The coming days are big ones also because of all the county fairs that will be taking place. We’ll be able to attend a different fair just about every evening over the next couple of weeks!
Once the actual counting begins, the recount will make a dent into our daytime efforts on the campaign trail. One good thing, though—we’re benefiting from quite a lot of media coverage. We’ve done many more television and newspaper interviews than usual for this part of the campaign season!
And even with the delay in deciding the Democratic nomination in our race, our primary election will be settled well before the congressional primaries in many other states, including Florida, Massachusetts, and Arizona. All told, there are 18 states with congressional primaries in August or September.

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

Our pre-recount inspection begins this Thursday, July 7, in Brazil with a review of the Clay County voting records. We’ll also be in Newport and Terre Haute later that day for a review of the Vermillion and Vigo County voting records. By taking a look at the voting records before the recount, we can speed up the recount process.

After our pre-recount inspection in the three counties, we can begin the actual recount in all nineteen counties. That will probably start on either Friday, July 8, or Monday, July 11. And once we get into the counting, we’ll have a better sense of how long the entire process will take. Most likely, we’ll know by Friday, July 22, or Friday, July 29, how the recount will change the vote totals.

In the meantime, we’ve been greeting voters and receiving warm welcomes on the campaign trail. We were in Martin County this past Saturday afternoon for the Shoals Catfish Festival. Later that afternoon, we were in Spencer County for the Abraham Lincoln Freedom Festival. After walking in the parade through downtown Rockport, we enjoyed the Festival's live music.

Our holiday weekend campaign activities continued yesterday in Greene County, where we walked in the Linton Freedom Festival Parade, Indiana’s largest Independence Day parade.  We then moved onto Knox County, where we walked in Vincennes’ annual 4th of July parade.

Thank you very much for your support. We hope to share more good news soon.

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

We met by telephone yesterday with the recount director and our opponent to discuss the option of a “pre-recount inspection” of the ballots and other voting records. Under Indiana’s official recount guidelines, pre-recount inspections can be conducted by the candidates so they can narrow the issues in dispute and move the recount process along more quickly.

We’d like to get the recount completed as soon as possible, so we conveyed our willingness to conduct an inspection throughout the 8th District. But both sides must consent to a pre-recount inspection, and our opponent agreed to an inspection only in Clay, Vermillion, and Vigo Counties. We even offered to extend the inspection to his home county, Sullivan, to save travel time for him, but he refused.

We expect the inspection to commence sometime next week. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

We’ve been spending a good deal of time preparing for our recount. In the past week, we also walked in the IN Pride Parade and joined the Vigo County Democratic Party for its "Pasta and Politics" dinner. Tomorrow, we’ll be at the Indiana Democratic Party’s State Convention in Indianapolis.

The county fair season kicks off this evening, and we’ll be greeting voters at two fairs next week. On Monday evening, June 20, we’ll be in Cayuga for the Vermillion County Fair, and on Thursday evening, Jun 23, we’ll be in Elnora at the Daviess County Fair.

While our recount won’t begin before July 5, the state allows for pre-recount inspections of ballots to move the process forward more quickly. Both candidates must agree to a pre-recount inspection, and we’re hoping our opponent will join us in requesting an inspection. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

As we mourn the horrific loss of life at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, we must ensure that Congress addresses the serious problem of gun violence in the United States. We need to respect the right to bear arms, and we also need to respect the right of people to live in a safe environment. We can do much more to protect public safety than we are doing without infringing Second Amendment rights.

Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

We have an update on our recount. At its May 26 meeting, the Indiana Recount Commission granted our request for a recount. The commission also granted a request for a recount in a state senate race. Since state senate districts are much smaller than congressional districts, the other recount can be conducted more quickly, and that recount will go first, starting on Monday, June 13. Our recount is expected to begin after the July 4 holiday. 

Campaign Update #2 - Orentlicher for Congress

During the official canvass, we picked up more votes, narrowing our deficit to 53 votes. That’s less than one-tenth of a percent of the more than 59,000 votes cast and also less than the margin of error for vote counting—a statistical dead heat. Earlier today, we filed for a recount, and we’re hopeful that we’ll end up ahead after a more careful counting. We’ll keep you posted on further developments, including the schedule for the recount once it’s set.