Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

This past week, we had several meetings in Evansville and Terre Haute. We also were gratified to receive the endorsements of the Electrical Workers in Terre Haute and the Teamsters in Evansville.
I had an eventful week as well while wearing my doctor and professor hats. I provided expert commentary to the media on Indiana’s new abortion law, and I discussed economic inequality in my keynote address at the annual meeting of the Indiana Political Science Association.
As I observed in my talk, economic inequality has reached historically high levels in the United States. Millions of families are struggling to make ends meet, and many have little prospect of improvement. There are important things Congress should be doing to promote economic opportunity.  The government needs to ensure that

  • Children receive a first-class K-12 education and graduate from college,
  • Working Americans earn a decent wage, and
  • Companies invest more of their profits to create new jobs at home.

During our campaign, we will be discussing proposals for these and other priorities for the country.
Please do not hesitate to let me know of ideas you have to improve public policy. You can reach me at

For more information on our campaign, you can follow us on our Facebookpage and at our website.