Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress


On Thursday, we conducted the pre-recount inspection with our opponent, the Recount Director, and state vote counters. In three counties, we collected information about the various voting systems, as well as the methods county election officials use to tally the different kinds of ballots.
The inspection proved quite helpful. The state recounting officials have some new ideas about how to prepare for the recount—ideas that will streamline the process and save time during the counting. 
We’ll probably receive the first part of the recount schedule tomorrow, and we expect the recount to begin on Thursday, July 14.
The coming days are big ones also because of all the county fairs that will be taking place. We’ll be able to attend a different fair just about every evening over the next couple of weeks!
Once the actual counting begins, the recount will make a dent into our daytime efforts on the campaign trail. One good thing, though—we’re benefiting from quite a lot of media coverage. We’ve done many more television and newspaper interviews than usual for this part of the campaign season!
And even with the delay in deciding the Democratic nomination in our race, our primary election will be settled well before the congressional primaries in many other states, including Florida, Massachusetts, and Arizona. All told, there are 18 states with congressional primaries in August or September.