Campaign Update—Orentlicher for Congress

Last week, we joined the Knox County Democrats in Vincennes for their 2016 Election Kickoff Dinner. We met a great group of party members and shared our vision of a United States that is a land of opportunity for all citizens.

When we’re speaking with voters, they often want to discuss the failure of Congress to address the country’s problems. Unfortunately, too many representatives, including the 8th District’s incumbent, are more interested in fighting partisan battles than serving their constituents.

I faced the same problem of partisan conflict during my six years in the Indiana House of Representatives. But I found that if you had a valuable proposal, you could find a way to get it enacted into law. So I worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address the critical problems facing the state.

When I learned that many promising new companies could not get off the ground or had to move out of state because they couldn’t find financial backing in Indiana, I authored legislation to provide more funding for start-up businesses in our state.

I also wrote legislation to lower the cost of health care insurance by as much as 25-40 percent for workers who did not receive health care coverage as a benefit of employment.

And when the state faced a crisis in deaths from child abuse and neglect, I authored important reforms for our child protection system to make children safer.  

For all of my legislative proposals, I benefited greatly from ideas that came from constituents and other concerned citizens.  So please do not hesitate to let me know of ideas you have to solve our country’s critical problems. You can reach me at

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