David O Running For 8th Congressional District

(Terre Haute, IN)  Dr. David Orentlicher announced today that he has filed documents with the Federal Election Commission to become a candidate in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District. A former award-winning Democratic state legislator, Orentlicher is running against Republican incumbent Larry Bucshon to make Congress work for the 8th District. Orentlicher will make a formal announcement in early 2016.
“Bill Clinton was right. If you work hard and play by the rules,” said Orentlicher, “you should be able to provide a good life for your family and a better future for your children. That’s not true anymore, and we need to make sure it is true again. We need to make the American Dream a reality for all Americans. That’s what this campaign is about.”
“It’s not right when so many of our children never have a chance to succeed,” declared Orentlicher. “Far too many children suffer because their parents can’t find good paying jobs, their schools are in decline, and their neighborhoods are plagued with drug use and crime.”
“At one time, government made sure we had a strong middle class,” said Orentlicher. “Now, government works for the special interests. They dominate Congress with their big campaign contributions. And they dominate Larry Bucshon. Most residents of the 8th District no longer have a voice in Washington. The 8th District needs a representative who speaks for the district and a Congress that serves the interests of all Americans. We need to unstack the deck in Washington, DC so everyone gets a fair shake from their government and the United States once again is a land of opportunity for all of its citizens.”
David Orentlicher is an educator, physician, attorney, and former three-term member of the Indiana House of Representatives. He has practiced both medicine and law, and he teaches at Indiana University School of Medicine in Terre Haute, IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis, and IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law.
While directing the medical ethics program at the American Medical Association, Orentlicher drafted the AMA’s first ever Patients’ Bill of Rights. He also wrote conflicts of interest guidelines that protect the integrity of the patient-physician relationship.
Orentlicher has written many books and articles on a wide range of topics in ethics, law, and medicine.  His current project, Economic Inequality and College Admissions Policies, makes the case for revising college admissions policies to address the serious problem of economic inequality in the United States.
Orentlicher’s wife, Judy, is a professor of political science at Indiana University. They have two children.